Honeymooning on a Cruise Ship

Getting married? There are plenty of wonderful destinations for your honeymoon. But how are you gone get there? Did you ever think of a cruise ship? Believe me – it’s the best way to start your honeymoon. In fact it is the best way to start your marriage!

Every year, thousands of couples get married. If you’re planning your wedding, it is likely that you’ll plan a honeymoon as well. Honeymoons are often looked upon as vacations. In a sense, they are. But there are two major differences. Number one: romance is in the air. Number two: no kids. The bride, the groom and plenty of time. That makes honeymoons fun, exciting and memorable.

As previously mentioned, you have a number of different options when it comes to planning your honeymoon. Many newlyweds schedule their honeymoons at popular beaches, ski resorts, or other secluded areas. Did you know that you can also have a honeymoon aboard a cruise ship? Cruise ships are increasing in popularity, but still many individuals do not consider them as a vacation option. And that’s a shame.

You’ll be amazed!

One of the reasons why cruise ships are rarely thought about when selecting a vacation destination, let alone a honeymoon, is because of their cost. A cruise is considered to be expensive. Well, I´ll let you in on a little secret. They don´t have to be. The competition in the cruise line industry is killing. If you play your card smart, you can be the one that benefits. Do a Google search on discount cruise ship tickets and you´ll be amazed!

Those discount tickets are usually sold fast. So here is the rule. First of all decide where you wane go and set your budget. Then sit down and do your homework on the computer (or with the help of a travel agent). Once you see an offer that fits your needs, do not hesitate. Jump on it and celebrate. You just made a dream reality!

Take it from a pro

Let me raise another question. Are cruises actually pricy? It is important to examine the activities available onboard and the length of the cruise. The longer the cruise and the more services available, the more expensive tickets are likely to be. If you take the time to figure out all the services that are included and the cost of overnight accommodations, you may see that cruises aren’t all that expensive after all. Do the math and – again – you’ll be surprised.

Once you’ve made the decision to spend your honeymoon onboard a cruise liner, you’ll have to book reservations. When examining cruise ship destinations, look for the possibility for romance. As your honeymoon is supposed to be a romantic and relaxing time, you’ll want to select destinations that will keep that spirit alive. Those destinations are all over the world. But take it from a pro: for newlyweds the Caribbean is the place to go. There are over 7.000 islands. Pick a couple. No matter what islands you’ll be sailing for, there will be sandy white beaches, the friendliest people you can think of and lots of rum. You can’t go wrong here.

Amorous and intimate

Before I forget: take a close look at the type of cruise you select. Most cruise lines have ships that are targeted to seniors, risk seekers or families. Stay away from the last two mentioned. Remember: you are searching a private, amorous and intimate setting. Hard to find whit kids all over the swimming pool or adventure junkies bungee jumping from the upper decks…

Capt. Jack Storms

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  1. purple monkey dishwasher Says:

    what is the best cruise ship for a honeymoon?
    Im affraid Im going to be stuck on a ship with a bunch of old people and bad 80’s decor. What is the best cruise line for a honeymoon so its romantic. We also want a really nice stateroom/suite, since we will be spending lots of time in there. Any suggestions?

  2. BelleBaby90 Says:

    Ha, well personally how I see it…honeymoon(s) are for the "love-making" so why spend a tone on money on a honeymoon that will go to waste. Find a nice cruise with a big bed…then its a go deal. Ha.
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  3. dangerouspudding Says:

    here goes. I would suggest booking on a new ship (to avoid those 80s decor) OR look for a ship that has recently been in "dry dock" that means it was completely overhauled. I would defiantly recommend getting a suite with a balcony. the rooms without a balcony do not have a lot of room OR big beds. if you want intimacy and romance i would stay away from carnival. On the other hand if you like to dance the night away partying with your new hubby carnival is great. the cruise ships that are 100,000 ton or bigger have the most balcony’s and therefore are a bit cheaper than the older ships (50,000 ton are the 80s decor). hope this helps!!
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  4. Nette Says:

    Go with "Freedom of the Seas" it’s a brand new ship. It’s got tons of things to do that "OLD" people don’t do.. such as rock climbing, ice skating, putt-putt etc. Cruises used to be geared towards Seniors, but not anymore!
    Most of the ships have the same sized room. They are comfortable, but not big like a Hotel Room. Depending on how much you can afford to spend, you could get an Ocean View or Balcony Suite. It’s nice to be able to walk out of your room and see the ocean, BUT.. honestly I don’t think it’s worth the extra hundreds of dollars per person. You spend so little time in the room (well, except for honeymooners hehe) that it’s better to spend the extra money on shore excursions.
    A cruise is a great vacation no matter what your age. The food is great, the Entertainment is great, and the only negative thing I can say is, if you drink Alcohol, be prepared for a HUGE bar tab.
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