Jan 20

There is a new trend that is finding huge appeal by modern brides and grooms-to-be. They are discovering the romance, convenience and savings of combining a beach destination wedding with a honeymoon cruise and they are discovering tropical Miami beach as the venue of choice.

Are you looking for the ideal wedding and honeymoon destination? Then join the many savvy bride-and-grooms-to-be and head to Miami beach for the beach wedding of your dreams combined with an unforgettable honeymoon cruise.

There are many reasons why a combination of Miami beach weddings with honeymoon cruises is the perfect choice for many couples, and may be the perfect choice for you. Here are a few that easily come to mind.

1. It is very easy to get a Florida marriage licenses. Out-of state and foreign couples can even apply for their Florida marriage license by mail. Tropical Miami Beach Weddings can help you make all the arrangements necessary for your memorable beach wedding and honeymoon cruise.

2. Florida is the cruise capital of the world. This makes combining your beach wedding with a honeymoon cruise as easy as a ‘walk in the park”.

3. Honeymoon cruises are extremely romantic. Experiencing a honeymoon cruise is one of the most romantic and fun-filled ways to spend a honeymoon vacation.

4. Excellent vacation for wedding guests. Family and friends can enjoy a wonderful Florida vacation and an unforgettable cruise vacation while at the same time sharing your wonderful wedding and honeymoon event.

5. Visit several exotic destinations in one vacation! A Miami beach wedding combined with a honeymoon cruise is not only a wonderful way to start your lifetime of love and travel together, but it also makes economic sense.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more cost-effective way to have a romantic wedding on a beach, travel in luxury aboard a floating resort, dine like royalty on the sea, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Darlene Berkel

Jan 19

Congratulations! Can I see the ring? Have you set a date yet?

Where are you going to get married?

One of the first questions newly engaged couples get asked is about the location and venue of The Big Day. The bride will soon be deciding on her wedding gown and the groom will be thinking of the honeymoon – but the choice of venue is generally of equal importance to both parties.

More and more couples are choosing to travel abroad for their wedding. This not only solves the problems of who to leave off the invitation list (or at least, you can invite sour old Aunt Jane but she’ll never be able to get there, thankfully!) but also makes this adventure of a lifetime, well, more adventurous!

Cape Town, South Africa has become a popular wedding location for many couples. A winning combination of fabulous climate, natural geographical beauty and a wealth of stunning venues from which to choose, has put the Cape firmly on the map of Great International Wedding Locations.

As one bride said: “We wanted to celebrate the most beautiful day of my life in the most beautiful city in the world – that’s why we chose Cape Town!”

So what’s your fantasy wedding location?

Will you be a barefoot bride on a beach at sunset?

Do you picture majestic mountains and vineyards as your wedding photo backdrop?

Fancy an ‘Out-of-Africa theme with a safari wedding in the South African bush?

Or how about high tea, or a formal dinner, followed by dancing to a live jazz band on the lawns of a 5 star hotel in front of Table Mountain?

Whether you want rural and rustic under thatch or glamorous and elegant with world-class cuisine, Cape Town offers it all!

Why not consider something unusual, romantic and a little daring – a Cape Town wedding. You’ll be the envy of all your friends, and those who do fly out to celebrate with you will thank you for giving them the excuse to have the holiday of a lifetime!

Francois L. Botha

Dec 22

The desire to go beyond traditional wedding venues, such as homes, halls or hotels has made beach weddings the venue of choice for a growing number of couples around the world. And one big advantage of having a beach wedding is that it is one of the most inexpensive, yet romantic venues that a couple could have. The other advantage of beach weddings is that a couple can save a lot of money in terms of clothes, jewellery, etc. as casual or beachwear for the bridal couple is acceptable attire for such a venue, although this may not be the rule.

The reason why beach weddings have grown in popularity, over the past few decades, is because of the beautiful, romantic and panoramic vistas that such a venue offers. After all, who could resist a wedding back-drop that is provided free by nature – golden sand, swaying green palms, blue waters, an endless sky and exquisite sunsets? Beach weddings can be held at anytime of day or night and still have incomparable, appeal. Sunrise, midday or at sunset are all great times for beach weddings and equally beautiful is the sound of the waves with a star-studded, sky at night. These are factors that make a beach such a versatile venue.

As beach weddings are still growing in popularity, beachside Resorts and Hotels now offer attractive wedding packages to suit various budgets and requirements. Many resorts and hotels have professional, wedding planning groups who take care of all arrangements and pay particular attention to detail when planning beach weddings. Today, most beach wedding packages include beach décor, open-air, buffet catering, live entertainment and attractive honeymoon facilities. In this manner, couples can relax and have time to attend to other things without stress whatsoever.

One of the biggest rewards, and the sense of achievement that couples experience, is the appreciation they receive from guests. This is but natural, as just about anybody would, for a change, just love to leave the rigors of formal etiquette, attire and tradition, while shedding their inhibitions and letting their hair down to revel in an ambiance without compare.

The beach is also flexible enough as a venue to organize theme-orientated, beach weddings. As such, weddings with Hawaiian, Caribbean, Far Eastern and other exotic themes are becoming extremely popular. Beach weddings needn’t be extravagant or big in terms of the number of invitees, space and décor that a traditional venue would demand. The savings that accrue from beach weddings can be utilized for travel expenses or the cost of a popular, exotic location. When planning your beach wedding, it would be a good idea to study different beach destination brochures, as well as the numerous packages on offer for beach weddings. You can also go online to get enough information to make your final choice and allocate the relevant budget. If you have the advantage of a scenic beach location, not too far from where you and your partner decide, it will be an added advantage not only to you but also to close relatives and friends who would otherwise need to travel to a destination much further. Either way, if you’ve decided to have a beach wedding, you will be joining millions of couples who have enjoyed the romance, thrills and scenic beauty of a beach wedding.

Ben Spence

Dec 17

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