Beach Weddings

There is a new trend that is finding huge appeal by modern brides and grooms-to-be. They are discovering the romance, convenience and savings of combining a beach destination wedding with a honeymoon cruise and they are discovering tropical Miami beach as the venue of choice.

Are you looking for the ideal wedding and honeymoon destination? Then join the many savvy bride-and-grooms-to-be and head to Miami beach for the beach wedding of your dreams combined with an unforgettable honeymoon cruise.

There are many reasons why a combination of Miami beach weddings with honeymoon cruises is the perfect choice for many couples, and may be the perfect choice for you. Here are a few that easily come to mind.

1. It is very easy to get a Florida marriage licenses. Out-of state and foreign couples can even apply for their Florida marriage license by mail. Tropical Miami Beach Weddings can help you make all the arrangements necessary for your memorable beach wedding and honeymoon cruise.

2. Florida is the cruise capital of the world. This makes combining your beach wedding with a honeymoon cruise as easy as a ‘walk in the park”.

3. Honeymoon cruises are extremely romantic. Experiencing a honeymoon cruise is one of the most romantic and fun-filled ways to spend a honeymoon vacation.

4. Excellent vacation for wedding guests. Family and friends can enjoy a wonderful Florida vacation and an unforgettable cruise vacation while at the same time sharing your wonderful wedding and honeymoon event.

5. Visit several exotic destinations in one vacation! A Miami beach wedding combined with a honeymoon cruise is not only a wonderful way to start your lifetime of love and travel together, but it also makes economic sense.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more cost-effective way to have a romantic wedding on a beach, travel in luxury aboard a floating resort, dine like royalty on the sea, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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  1. roach_2021 Says:

    beach weddings?
    were can i go to find a beautifull beach to get married on in kalamazoo and how would i go about making that happon.

  2. zen522 Says:

    Go to the great lakes you are close enough for it.
    Good Luck
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    I believe in talking and being straight forward
    You only lose if you don’t take the chance.

  3. thevillageidiotxxxxx Says:

    wear old shoes.
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  4. texasblueslady Says:

    I have not idea. But my boss had a wedding planner in Hawaii and they got married on a small island at sunrise. Just the minister and them. He wore white slacks and a Hawaiian shirt and she wore a white dress and they were barefooted. OMG! The pictures were so awesome. It was so dreamy!
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  5. Clamshell 19 Says:

    Beautiful Beaches and Kalamazoo…is that an oxymoron??
    If you like ice skating, Lake Michigan is close.
    How can you make that happen??…I’d say Magic.
    Surprise everyone…Elope to Florida..Great Beaches.
    This time of year is perfect. Miami is about 75 now.
    It doesn’t cost much to fly down there, if you plan ahead.
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